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Main Products
  • Driver Fatigue Analysis Alarm DeviceOn the basis of the DSP platform, the driver fatigue analysis alarm device makes an intelligent analysis of the fatigue degree of the driver with 1CH video input. Its verification frequency is much higher with 10 times per 1 second continually. And the analysis result can be optionally stored in the server or transmitted to the third-party by virtue of the middleware. And the whole intelligent analysis process of recording documents can be presented by the player of our own company.
    The driver's eyes are automatically located to detect the status. And relevant parameters can be manually set with great flexibility or by SMS via wireless network.
  • Intelligent Low Bit Rate Video EncoderThe intelligent low bit rate video encoder is manufactured based on the cutting-edge video processing technology. It can compress the video bit stream to a very deep extent. This means that compressed by this product, the high definition video can not only maintain good image quality but also have low bit stream. Even in low bandwidth environments, this product can also deliver high definition videos. Therefore, this intelligent low bit rate video encoder expands the application scope of the high-definition video monitoring system on one hand but also significantly reduces the construction costs of the network transmission on the other hand.