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The intelligent low bit rate video encoder is manufactured based on the cutting-edge video processing technology. It can compress the video bit stream to a very deep extent. This means that compressed by this product, the high definition video can not only maintain good image quality but also have low bit stream. Even in low bandwidth environments, this product can also deliver high definition videos. Therefore, this intelligent low bit rate video encoder expands the application scope of the high-definition video monitoring system on one hand but also significantly reduces the construction costs of the network transmission on the other hand.

              Image of Original Video                                                                   Image of Compressed Video

Video Comparison
Video Resolution (25 frames/s) Original Bit Stream ( H.264 Standard Compression) Compressed Bit Stream
D1 500~800kbps 80-150 kbps
720P 4-5Mbps 400-700 kbps
1080P 8-10Mbps 800k-1.2 Mbps
Appearance of the Main Machine

Specifications of Main Machine
Item X6000 X8000
Hardware Platform X86 Platform
Video Video Input Method Analog camera (BNC Interface) IPcam Camera (TCP/IP)
Video Input Quantity 4 CH 1/2 CH
Compression Method H.264, Proprietary Deep Compression of Video Streams
Resolution D1 720P/1080P
Bit Rate 100-150kbps 720P:600-1000kbs 1080P:1M-1.5Mbs
Frame Rate 25 frame/s
Image Delay < 2 s (LAN) < 5 s (LAN)
Audio Audio Input Support
Video Storage Hard Disk Interface 2 SATA controllers and the SATA2 is in default connection to MINISATA. And the SSD is supported.
Alarm Alarm Input 4 CH alarm input (semaphore), external expanding wireless FSK 433 module.
Alarm Output 4CH (Switching Value)
Intelligent Functions Face Capture Support (Optional)
Perimeter Intrusion Alarm Support (Optional)
Dynamic License Plate Capture Support (Optional)
Other Intelligent Video Analysis Module Support (Optional)
Interface Network Interface One 10/100M RJ45 adaptive Ethernet interface. The WOL is supported.
USB Interface One
Serial Port Standard RS232/RS485 Port
Video Output VGA Interface
Others Power DC12V 5A
Power Consumption 60W
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃

1. Adopting the specialist low bit stream video compression technique, our intelligent low bit rate video encoder can compress the video bit stream to its 30%.
2. This product is available in 2 models which support Analog camera and high-definition IPcam.
3. It can also be used for intelligent video analysis to realize intelligent monitoring, thus meeting various application needs.
4. Our product can be optionally equipped with a built-in hard disk to store audio video.

As a specialized intelligent low bit rate video encoder manufacturer in China, FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) also offers car alarm, door access controller, face recognition time attendance terminal, and more.

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