Driver Fatigue Analysis Alarm Device

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Driver Fatigue Analysis Alarm Device

Technical Specifications
Model No. DS1202CIS-FD
Processor TI6446
Intelligent Function Fatigue Detection Detect whether the person is in fatigue status according to face status.
Face Size Not lower than 100×80 pixels
Video Function Video Input 1 BNC 1.0VPP 75 Ohms
Video Standard PAL(25Line, 50f/s)
Hardware Interface Power Interface Input DC 6~36V/2A, output DC 12V/2A, 5V/2A each
Alert Input / Output 4CH I/O two-in two-out
RS485 / RS232 1 ( 300 ~ 9600bps ) / 1(9 600/115200bps)
Ethernet 10/100M self-adapting (supports TCP/IP, HTTP and UDP), optional built-in 3G modules (support WCDMA, EV-DO, TD-SCDMA)
USB Host / SD Card Support
LED Run/Status/Channels & Intelligence
Secure Dialing The system can be upgraded by software in security mode when there is failure.
Reset Key Reset/Factory Setting
System Functions Client It is simple and easy to manage multiple devices.
WEB Browsing Embedded WEB service supports IE browsing with synchronous configurations, upgrading and time.
SDK Interface SDK can be used for the interfacing of third-party system.
Player It can play video documents including intelligent representation.
Storage Function Storage Modes Front-end storage
Storage Medium SD(SDHC) /4G~32G, USB( FAT32)/2G~2T
Others Environments/Standards Working temperature (-20~55 ℃), working humidity < 85% RH, lightning protection, surge protection, 4KV system in sound operation, OKV system without damage, CCC, EMC, infrared remote controller, AV Out Control-menu, optional OSD overlaid intelligent video information for AV out

1. On the basis of the DSP platform, the driver fatigue analysis alarm device makes an intelligent analysis of the fatigue degree of the driver with 1CH video input. Its verification frequency is much higher with 10 times per 1 second continually. And the analysis result can be optionally stored in the server or transmitted to the third-party by virtue of the middleware. And the whole intelligent analysis process of recording documents can be presented by the player of our own company.
2. The driver's eyes are automatically located to detect the status. And relevant parameters can be manually set with great flexibility or by SMS via wireless network.
3. This product judge various fatigue states in line with the vehicle speed to prevent the driver from danger. And the local audio and visual alarms have the ability to send photos and alarm information to the back-end monitor center by 2G or 3G wired or wireless networks. And they can be manually triggered.
4. With the optimized vehicle environments, this driver fatigue analysis alarm device can also be applied to mobile objects.
5. It also supplies standard SDK interface protocol, making it easy for other vehicle equipment to integrate together.
6. This product supports a variety of hardware interfaces, such as RS232/485, RJ45, USB, SD, etc.
7. It can also detect whether the driver is the same person or not.
8. It can work with the back-server to edit driver's alert information and locate the car status.

Working Principle
The driver fatigue analysis alarm device, designed based on the intelligent video analysis technology, is composed of the intelligent video surveillance camera and analyzer. Camera is used for captures of the facial image, and accurate locating of the driver's eyes. This product can make automatic estimation and analysis of the state of the eyes to judge the fatigue degree according to pre-set rules. If eyes' closing time reaches the alarming value, the product then will automatically alarm to warn the driver. Meanwhile, the alarm information will be sent to the back-end monitoring center.

Our driver fatigue analysis alarm device has been widely used in vehicle, such as bus, long-distance passenger vehicle, taxi, dangerous cargo truck, or locations, such as sentry, guard room, etc. for the purposes of detecting and pre-warning the fatigue status of persons to avoid possible accidents.

As an experienced driver fatigue analysis alarm device manufacturer based in China, FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) offers a comprehensive range of products that includes dynamic face capture device, portable facial recognition terminal, face recognition time attendance system, and more.

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