Intelligent Video Analysis, Face Recognition Device Manufacturer

Established in August of 2007, FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is a Chinese manufacturer of high tech devices that also provides advanced software solutions for clients. Our major products include the face recognition device, intelligent video analysis, intelligent vehicle DVR, and the cloud computing service application platform. Situated within the CBD (Central Business District) of the Futan Sector, Shenzhen City, our company is practically next to Hong Kong. Our prime geographic location allows us to quickly deliver our facial recognition device, intelligent vehicle digital video recorder, and other products to clients around the world. Our products have been exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Malaysia, and South Africa, among other countries and regions.

    1. Face Recognition Time Attendance Machine
    2. Face Recognition Time Attendance Machine Our face recognition time attendance machine comes with a voice reminder for each operation steps and built-in face monitor software for local and remote video monitoring.
    1. Face Recognition Time Attendance Terminal
    2. Face Recognition Time Attendance TerminalOur face recognition time attendance terminal supports multiple identification methods.
      The adoption of the powerful SDK allows two-way data interaction ...
    1. Portable Facial Recognition Terminal
    2. Portable Facial Recognition Terminal The portable facial recognition terminal is developed based on IOT sensor concept. Adopting high integrated processor, it achieves quick and accurate recognition and supports different templates.
    1. Facial Recognition Door Lock
    2. Facial Recognition Door LockThe facial recognition door lock adopts the newest face recognition algorithm to make your home safe.
      It supports multi-method for door open, which can effectively get rid of key mess.
    1. Intelligent People Counting Device
    2. Intelligent People Counting DeviceThe intelligent people counting device is developed in line with the intelligent video analysis technology.
      Using the advanced intelligent video analysis algorithm from our own company, it can detect and ...
    1. 3D Intelligent Video Analyzer
    2. 3D Intelligent Video AnalyzerThe 3D SENSOR algorithm can help the 3D intelligent video analyzer improve both the people counting and trajectory tracking accuracy to a great extent. Furthermore, on the front end of the 3D SENSOR ...
    1. Dynamic Face Capture Device
    2. Dynamic Face Capture DeviceThe dynamic face capture device is equipped with DSP equipment for stable operation. And it is compatibly linked with the analog camera via BNC interface.
      It can effectively capture the facial ...
    1. Facial Image Comparison Platform
    2. Facial Image Comparison PlatformFacial image comparison platform extracts facial image features and sends them to back-end facial image database for a real-time comparison so as to identify similar information. It can be applied for security ...
    1. Anti Sleep Driving Alarm
    2. Anti Sleep Driving AlarmThis product is activated when the vehicle speed and the fatigue degree of the driver reach certain levels. With the driving time exceeding 4 hours, it will give a sound to remind the driver to have a rest to disperse potential ...
    1. Intelligent Car Digital Video Recorder
    2. Intelligent Car Digital Video RecorderThe intelligent car digital video recorder features 8Vto 36V DC power supply, metallic aluminum cover, embedded design and low power consumption.
      And the AC power cut will continue ...